Antigua – the island of 365 white sand beaches.

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Bathed in the sparkling waters between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean lies a unique island that boasts an enviable combination of international glamour and desert island beauty.

Antigua is the archetypal Caribbean island – sun-drenched, fringed with dazzling white sand and set by a warm jade and aquamarine sea. This dreamlike island destination has an abundance of white powder soft beaches and a high standard of living in the Caribbean.

As a naval centre in the days of empire, it has the UNSECO-listed, historic Nelson’s Dockyard and fortifications. The island has a long tradition of sailing, both in historic association with Britain and sailing in its modern form, as the venue for the Caribbean’s major regatta (Antigua Sailing Week) and winter home to a number of megayachts.

Antigua and Barbuda became an independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations on 1 November 1981 and has become one of the safest and most privileged populations in the Caribbean.

The island of 365 white sand beaches – one for every day of the year.

Antigua is perhaps the island which most typifies the modern day view of a small Caribbean destination. Its meandering coastline has fantastic views and some of the Caribbean’s finest beaches and sea.

Antigua belongs to the Leeward Islands and is the main island of the twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua has an area of 281 square kilometres (108 sq mi).  Its coastline is 87 kilometres (54 mi).

The highest place on the island is 402 metres (1,319ft).  The island lies 2,135 km (1,327 miles) southeast of Miami, Florida (a 3.5 hour flight). It is 905 km (562 miles) east of the Dominican Republic and 1,105 km (687miles) northeast of Venezuela. Barbuda is 63 km (39 miles) to the north of Antigua.

There are various natural points, headlands, and beaches around the island and several natural harbours formed by these points.

In the area of Falmouth, St. Paul’s Parish, lies the historic Bailey Hill Estate.

The estate comprises 602,471.15 square feet (13.83 acres, 5.6 hectar) of prime land, hilltop, hillside and valley, covered in the lush vegetation of an ancient tropical rainforest.

Great care has been taken to open two roads on the estate, while preserving its ecology. The hills offer an alternative beautiful view of Antigua’s natural beauty.

It was on Bailey Hill that, ca. 1773, the second Moravian Church of Antigua, the original Grace Hill Church, was erected. Although easily accessible, Bailey Hill has been virtually untouched for many years. Now, the estate is to be sold for development.

The sea is in view from each of the newly created plots. Naturally, the hilltop above Cherry Hill offers a wonderful panorama overlooking Falmouth Harbour, English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard, Pigeon Point, Dieppe Bay, Liberta and much more.

Harrigan Land is the 10 acre estate south of Bailey Hill and north of Garlin Point and Dieppe Bay (Turtle Bay). This small estate derives its name from the local man Harrigan, who owned it before selling to the current owners.

The 30,550.09 square feet (0.7 acre, 0.28 hectar) plot is on the ridge of Harrigan Land with Cherry Hill and offers rare panoramic views of Falmouth Harbour, English Harbour, Dieppe Bay (Turtle Bay), Windward Estates, Pigeon Point beach, hillside and valley.

Already a major global player in the tourism services sectors, this former British colony, now a free and independent nation, Antugua has now become a hotbed for investment thanks to an outstanding set of credentials.

Assets such as natural beauty, economic and political stability, supportive business environment and a standard of living that compares favourably to most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

This prestigious island is quite unlike any other place on earth and its uniqueness provides real estate investors with unrivalled opportunities.

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